Can't trigger my Canon S100 from Pixhawk :/

Hi All,

I have been trying to get my Iris+'s Pixhawk to trigger my Canon S100.  I have been following the Tuffwing instructions, but with no success.

BEC is soldered where the TX60 for the battery joins the board. I have KAP 3.6 on the camera, and I can get the intervelometer to work easily.  Just not the trigger :/

What could I be doing wrong?


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  • I can't quite tell, but is the red wire for the 5v power from the Turnigy UBEC connected to the middle pin?  It looks like it might be connected to the bottom pin, which is for the signal...  (it should be in the middle pin, + )

    • Hi Thomas,

      Yes, it's in the middle pin...

      • If you are following tuffwing's directions exactly it looks like you have the trigger in RC5 and not Aux5 (relay pin 54). 

        • Hi Marcus, Thank you!  I noticed that after I posted, but there was still a problem.  I got on the line with Tuffwing, and we troubleshot for quite a while.

          There were some settings in the CHDK scripts that needed changing for the Iris+, and a few MP parameters needed changing as well.

          All of which wouldn't have mattered, had I not plugged it in the right way :p

          • Hey Byron,

            Could you post the CHDK script you used in the end? - also trying to do this...

  • Also, the copter is being powered by the battery. The photo shows it connected via the USB.

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