Can the APM be flown on waypoints beyond the range of telemetry?


Is it possible to upload the waypoint info to APM once at startup (using mission planner) and then let it complete the mission without (or beyond the range) of the telemetry system?

I think it should be possible. I just cant find any documentation for the same.



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yes. when you hit write, it loads the waypoints onto the apm board, and then when you go into auto mode it flys the mission. even if you fly out of your tx range, it can complete the mission (depending on failsafe setup)

Not sure I understood correct your question, but I can say that when you are in Auto mode (with waypoints), even you are beyond the range of telemetry, the mission will continue as per waypoints. You need to considered if you have any failsafe defined and also you can not more trigger RTL or Stabilize or any other mode when you are  beyond the range of telemetry.

but you can still trigger modes if you are within the range of you tx system

Thanks for your replies guys!

So if RTL is the last command of the mission (and GPS got the correct location for Home and there is enough battery for the mission and ...) it is ok to go out of the range of telemetry?

yes, but i hope you still have potential to take control back with you rc transmitter, or you are relying totally on your apm, which is pretty risky as you cant take back control if anything goes wrong

I would say Yes. RTL is triggered by APM like an auto waypoint. Once you are back into telemetry range, you have again full control on your model.

You can fly beyond telemetry and beyond TX range. Hell you can fly until the battery dies and land. But good luck finding the copter. One guy flew under auto with FPV and he went beyond control, but could still watch the flight. Pretty cool.

Yes, I do understand the risk of going beyond the range of telemetry control.

I just wanted to understand what are the limitations. No way am I going to try this now (I'm just getting started with APM), but maybe in the future :)

I have a mscomposite swift II, which is a 400g foam wing with apm2.5.  It has flown multiple missions out of range of my rc and telemetry.  Always pretty exciting, but so nice when the "Warning, no data for XXX seconds" stops and you see the little plane on the map move again :-)

Ofcourse always carefully consider where you are doing this.  I do it over large fields or a swamp area so that you don't do damage if something goes wrong.

I never risked this with my 2kg hexa.


Maybe the solution to really long distances is to use 2G/3G/4G telemetry? One of the phonedrone cards and a mobile phone sitting on the plane acting as a missions planner. I guess the SW is not there yet.


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