Can Y6 handle two batteries?

Our Y6 with Pixhawk gives us 8 minutes flight duration on a 3S 5000 battery.  Can the Y6 handle the load of two larger batteries linked together?  (My guess is that it is too much weight)  What is the max takeoff weight for the Y6?

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  • I had similar flight times with 3s 5000mah batteries on my Y6, which wasn't cutting it.  I'd recommend trying some 4S 6000mah batteries instead... my flight times have gone way up to around 14 minutes, with only a little bit more weight.  I think if you double up on 3S 5000mah batteries you'll end up pushing the weight too high and expending more energy just keeping the batteries aloft.  

    The stock 3DR Y6 can handle 4S batteries just fine without modification for the higher voltage.

    • I agree with @UAVStuff, I put on two 3s 4000mah (parallel) and got more time out of one 4s 6000mah. 

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Aug 25