I'm usually a fellow that gives people a fair chance and I think I have in this case. I purchased a 3DR Pixhawk with GPS from Dany at CanadaDrones. Everything was fine until I needed to send the GPS unit back for warranty. Now 3DR had been excellent with me trying to trouble shoot the systems problem, but eventually it was decided that the GPS was not functioning properly. Since I had purchased the unit from CanadaDrones it needed to be sent back to them for warranty. I contacted Dany and he replied:

ok no worries, please make sure to include a copy of this email in the return and please include your original order number for easy reference.
I will ship you a new one and deal with the RMA with 3DR.

So I boxed it up and sent it to him, the tracking shows it delivered on Oct 6th, 2014. It is now Nov. 19th, 2014 and I have yet to get the unit back. I have emailed Dany twice now asking for progress on the replacement, Oct. 30th and Nov. 14th neither email has been answered.

So I will have to purchase another unit, but this time I will go direct to 3DR because I can not trust the service from CanadaDrones. Dany was very happy to sell me the equipment, but it seems that is as far as customer service goes.

So if you are a Canadian and wish to purchase equipment for your UAV please be cautious with your suppliers. I think I have been more than fair in my expectations and it is the lack of communication that has brought me to issuing this statement.

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    That is most unfortunate.

    I have always had excellent service and communication from Dany, and in the rare instance when I had an issue (my fault really) he was eager to work with me and responded quickly.

    I am always hesitant to move to new suppliers, but I still feel that I have found "one of the good ones" in Dany and CanadaDrones.


    • My previous experience was no different than yours. My first order was a pre-order for a Taranis and I was very impressed at the speed he shipped them out once they arrived. Orders have always been handled very quickly. This is why the complete silence on his end has surprised me. So it has cost me the purchase of another GPS because I can't wait any longer.

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