Help me as I am about to destroy something.

forgive me if this is not using technically correct terms but my memory is rubbish.

i recently blew my fully working apm 2.5 board (using a minim osd) and have had to replace it.

however I follow all the guides and the wizard and setup the compass (live calibration), accelerometer,power,radio, speed controllers,flightmodes, and failsafes. however when connected to the flight data page in mission planner and attempt to arm apm, i get a warning which is something like "check mag field" which is obviously whats not allowing to arm.

I have been into terminal and attemted to do a compassmot, which seems to go well, but after collcting data, it states mag field disruption? is 0%  which is not what i was expecting i think last time it was about 30% ish.

when mission planner is connected all other sensors are working as i would expect.

Motors are set up in the correct order and rotation.

can anyone please throw any light on where Im going wrong.

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Do you have a GPS with a compass (2wires coming from gps unit)  Mine is only one and i have the same issue, I think i need an external compass?

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