Canon sx230 HS camera

I need help
How to wire canon sx230 hs for the APM 2.5.
I want to be with a USB cable and turn on for 4 seconds each do a picture. I uploaded it to the chdk started to get along, and the interval program., which itself works great.
I can create a usb cable 3 AAA batteries, but they are not, can not control, you can not shoot
Thank you

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  • Where can i find a tutorial on assembling a servant v10 switch to a Canon SX230 HS camera?



  • With the current Ardu* system, you need to use a servo output to control a camera shutter, using the DO_SET_SERVO or DO_SERVO_REPEAT.  So, you need to either attach a servo to your camera to physically press the shutter button, as shown on the Ardupilot wiki, or use a servo switch.  Diydrones sells one: and Hobbyking has one.  I think both are out of stock right now.  

    The other option is to make one, using an old servo, which is what I did:

    This will give you a digital on/off output from a servo port on your APM2.5  Then you can attach it to your USB remote and camera running CHDK to trigger a shutter release.

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