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trying to get an amp2 set up

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Seth posted a discussion
A plea for help from the Log Reading Masters:I've had issues flying my tricopter running 3.2.1, all related to the pitch.  I've attached two logs, the short one from 7/3 I took off, and after a 100 yard down and back, I put it in a hover mostly in…
Jul 29, 2015
Seth replied to Jason's discussion Camera Trigger Question
"The wiki is pretty good for things like this:

You still have to figure out how a servo will trigger your shutter, is this what you were asking about?"
Mar 24, 2013
Seth replied to Trevor's discussion Digital High Low Switching Using a Script
"The only way you can currently do this without altering code is with a servo switch. I recently answered this question here: http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/canon-sx230-hs-camera?comment..."
Mar 12, 2013
Seth commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Connecting to APM 2.5 via Bluetooth
"There is another Android based GCS that natively communicates over Bluetooth and is designed for phone sized screens, and will run on android 3.2 and up:


Its a continuation of Copter-GCS,…"
Mar 1, 2013
Seth replied to Szabó József's discussion Canon sx230 HS camera
"With the current Ardu* system, you need to use a servo output to control a camera shutter, using the DO_SET_SERVO or DO_SERVO_REPEAT.  So, you need to either attach a servo to your camera to physically press the shutter button, as shown on the…"
Feb 26, 2013
Seth commented on Bart's blog post Copter-GCS: Android ground station for ArduCopter
"Since Bart seems to be MIA, I've fixed some bugs and added in many features to Copter-GCS, and released an updated version for beta testing here:
Feb 4, 2013
Seth replied to Arnold's discussion Link between Arducopter and Missionplanner using Android
"Wifi has a pretty limited range, 300ft outside with a clear line of sight..."
Feb 4, 2013
Seth posted a discussion
The timing of this is poor, but I figured people might want to try an alternative to the quickly developing Andropilot.  I'd like to release what I have been working on, just to get feedback and bug reports.The development of Copter-GCS stalled…
Feb 3, 2013
Seth left a comment for Dries
"I'm trying to update Copter-GCS, and have a question about JMAVLink.  For some reason, the version that bart has on google.code does not work with mav_cmd, and I'd like to get it working.  It looks like you were able to build it, can you share your…"
Jan 28, 2013
Seth commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post DroidPlanner - Ground Control Station for Android devices
"I would suggest that your application include the Bluetooth serial connection used by copter-gcs. The Bluetooth<->XBee bridge is actually quite robust, easy to make, fairly inexpensive, and it allows for a stationary xbee antenna and mobile GCS.

Jan 17, 2013
Seth commented on Jan's blog post Arducopter Pilotlamp based on Mavlink
"Id like to see your code as well... I've been working with the ardustation code, but it seems bloated."
Jan 13, 2013
Seth posted a discussion
I've got a problem, hopefully someone can help...I've got a stock Hawk Sky, with a 2200mAh lipo, that I am trying to set up an APM2 in.  With the APM2 installed, and powered through the input output rail,  I'm only getting 20 to 45 seconds of flight…
Aug 18, 2012