Copter-GCS: Android ground station for ArduCopter

GPSSample.png?width=420Hello all,

After some field testing, i'm finally ready to release a copy of the Android based, bluetooth GCS for ArduCopter into the wild.

For all the details go to the site.

Its available in 3 ways:

  • Install from Android Market ($5, largely to offset publishing costs/support development) Copter-GCS
  • Install the APK from the download section (Free)
  • Build from source, following these instuctions.

The reason for the market version is for those who would like to just install in the easiest way possible / receive automatic updates or would like to support development costs (thanks you) such as the fee required to publish on the market.



















Current features:

  • GPS plotting of phone and GPS, quad path rendering and logging of the track to the SD card.
  • Sensor graphing
  • Status display, such as current mode and GPS state
  • Setup
    • PID Tuning
    • Accelerometer Offsets, both traditional and using the drift direction
    • Transmitter Calibration

Let me know how it works for those that try :)



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  • Since Bart seems to be MIA, I've fixed some bugs and added in many features to Copter-GCS, and released an updated version for beta testing here:


  • good to know! thanks!

  • It should work. I've tried 2,4Ghz and 900 Mhz with no problem.

    But not with APM.

  • great! Have anyone done the BT bridge  to 433MHZ RF yet to talk with APM yet?

    In my thought, it should be just to connect to TTL level TX/RX of BT module to 433MHZ RF RX/TX pin.

    anything missing?


  • Ah, now I get a hearbeat but still no data.

    bds is at 57600, same as xbee.

  • Any news on the development?

    I'm using android 4.1.1. , can connect to bluetooth and bridges appears but then I can't get any data.

  • there was a possibility to try it on tablet with android version 4.0.4 without any success.Same time it was O.K on 2 different smartphones.   It seems that version number is not relevant.

     What is then relevant?

    Greetings from Estonia .  Georg

  • Georg,

    Copter-GCS is running fine on android Gingerbread 2.3.6. Maybe you can update to that?

    Regards Jani

  • if you can't update, then the only solution is to build it yourself from source, using proper Android SDK.

  • Updating my Arnova tablet is very tricky ,if possible at all.There is big differense between Arnova 7G2 and 7CG2. They have differnt processors.The first one(7G2) seems upgradable according to all kind of forum materials,but my tablet is problematic.

This reply was deleted.