DesPitch Drift to -50 and Oscillations

A plea for help from the Log Reading Masters:

I've had issues flying my tricopter running 3.2.1, all related to the pitch.  I've attached two logs, the short one from 7/3 I took off, and after a 100 yard down and back, I put it in a hover mostly in place.  The tricopter started to oscillate in pitch, then flipped and crashed.

The larger log was a normal flight around a small field, but in the end I had to hold the stick all the way forward to keep it level... it was pitching backward if I let go of the stick.  I landed it and replaced the motor, as I thought it might be dragging.

Is there any way to tell if the IMU is actually working or if its a hardware issue?  Or is there a way to tell if its PIDs?




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