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Trevor posted a blog post
Simplicity, ease of use, and robust capability are the three main features UAVs need to become the future. The DIY community here knows the many complex problems, software and hardware, that continually need to be solved to operate a UAV. Two…
May 6, 2013
Trevor posted a discussion
Here is the list of available MAV cmds on the wiki: https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/MAVLinkI am wondering how they are used and/or implemented. I want to be able to use the "MAV_CMD_DO_SET_RELAY" command but am unsure on how to do…
Mar 13, 2013
Trevor replied to Trevor's discussion Digital High Low Switching Using a Script
"Thanks, looks like i'll go custom firmware or build a servo switch. Just wanted to double check there was not an easy way I was missing. "
Mar 12, 2013
Trevor posted a discussion
Hi,I want to be able to switch a digital pin on the APM2.5 without use of the R/C radio. I was thinking a simple script might be able to do this? If not what would be required to have this as a function for use through a telem system during a…
Mar 11, 2013
Trevor posted a discussion
Hey,I need additional outputs (don't need to be PWM) and am wondering if the APM2.5 board is like a normal ardu in that the analog pins can be used as general purpose input/output.A description of the analog input pins on an Arduino chip (Atmega8,…
Feb 25, 2013