Canister Deployed UAV For Everyone

Simplicity, ease of use, and robust capability are the three main features UAVs need to become the future. The DIY community here knows the many complex problems, software and hardware, that continually need to be solved to operate a UAV. Two distinct markets are present in the UAV industry, defense and civilian. Products in both these markets share the same problems. Current solutions are difficult to use, require extensive training and technical maintenance, and are laughable in price. 


Why don't we build a system anyone can use, for a reasonable cost that can address the needs of both the defense and civilian markets?


Bird Aerospace LLC is a small company (3 people) founded on that idea. We are currently working to build a small canister launched UAV for use in both defense and civilian markets.  Key features of the system include:


  • Simplicity- While existing small-scale UAVs require time-consuming assembly, Bird’s Eye arrives in 100% ready-to-fly condition. A single button activates the launch sequence and puts the system in the air, directly from the shipping container.
  • Durability- Housed in a 1ft diameter, 2ft long carbon fiber tube, the system is protected from harsh military and industrial environments until the moment it is safely airborne.
  • Versatility- Existing drone systems require cumbersome pneumatic launch ramps and large open areas for takeoff. Bird’s Eye needs only a clear path to the sky. This allows for deployment in dense forests, crowded urban environments, from moving vehicles, and other locations that are currently inaccessible to UAVs.
  • Speed- With a setup and deployment time of less than thirty seconds and a top speed of 120mph, Bird’s Eye is on the scene faster than any other small UAV to date.
  • Maneuverability- Aggressive control surfaces and a sleek airframe allow for tight turns and evasive action – a necessity for precise high-speed navigation and swarm combat applications.
  • Capability- With a fully customizable sensor payload, Bird’s Eye can be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

I am reaching out to the community here for a few reasons. One I think that DIY Drones is a great resource full of some very smart people. As we try and establish our company advice from more experienced people has been invaluable. We are looking for help both in man power and financing. If you are interested in either PM me or reach me at

Thanks for looking!






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