Digital High Low Switching Using a Script


I want to be able to switch a digital pin on the APM2.5 without use of the R/C radio. I was thinking a simple script might be able to do this? If not what would be required to have this as a function for use through a telem system during a mission?


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  • Developer

    You should be able to do it with the DO_SET_RELAY command but the pin would be hardcoded.  I also don't know if it works on arduplane.

  • Thanks, looks like i'll go custom firmware or build a servo switch. Just wanted to double check there was not an easy way I was missing. 

  • The only way you can currently do this without altering code is with a servo switch. I recently answered this question here:
  • Developer
    You could use the command MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO Set a servo to a desired PWM value. I'm not aware of a command to just set a pin high/low.
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