hi. i have just done a successful mission. when i came back and decided to download the logs for the mission, using the following steps

1) connect to apm 2.5 via usb

2) go to terminal tab.

3) click on connect while selecting the apm, from the left most dropdown.

and the result is that in the CLI it says comport opened, then tells me the version, then "load_all took 18184us, then says calibrating barometer, then says ready to fly and strange fonts appear. i cant even type any command on the CLI.

request help on this issue

thanks in advance

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  • In your 'Flight Data' window (it might work anywhere else too) press 'ctrl-F' and hidden window will appear (why it's hidden is beyond me).

    In that window you will find a button 'Geo ref images'.

    That will bring up your Geo Ref Images window. Follow the sequence in the window.

    Check the Wiki for further instructions.

  • In the 'Flight Data' window you will find a tab 'DataFlash Logs'

    On that pane there is 6 buttons, the first of which is 'Download Dataflash Logs via MavLink'

    That is what you now use.

  • Admin


    If you are using ArduCopter v3.2 firmware, the CLI is no longer functional.

    Use the Data Flash Logs Tab under the MP HUD to download and review the data flash .bin logs.



    • Developer

      If you are using ArduCopter 3.2 on APM 2.x HW the Terminal function is no longer available. It is still available on Pixhawk HW.

      There was a lack of flash space on APM2.x HW

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