cant disarm motors and quad always yaws right?

Hey guys I'm having issues with my yaw stick... I have no problems arming the motors however I can't disarm them?  Also when I yaw right she will spin right but when i try to yaw left she spins to the right again?

I'm using a futaba t7c tx and every other Chanel is working perfectly. I have tried resetting the APM multiple times as well as re configured the radio settings on the Tx and calibrating it on the board.... I'm still pretty new at this so all help is greatly appreciated 


Thank you


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  • 100KM

    Connect to the apm in cli mode.

    go to test, then type radio.

    Numbers should start flowing.

    Move yaw stick all the way from left to right and back.

    The number in the 4th column should change from -4500 to 4500.  If it doesn't your radio is not configured or calibrated right.

  • 3D Robotics

    Can you post your radio configuration settings? (what the MP reports when you do the radio config). Sounds like you're outputting some funky rudder stick values.

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