Cant log in at

Hi everyone!

I am hoping to get a hold of a moderator over at

I have tried to log in over at the new forum with no success. Using my primary email address, I try to log in but no password combination will work. I click the forgot password link and enter my email address and the site says that an email was sent to reset my password. This email never arrives. 

Thinking that something might be wrong, i tried to set up a new account with a different email. Went through all steps and the website tells me an email was sent to activate my password. No email arrived. 

Can anyone help me get an account up and running at

Pretty please with a cherry on top.


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  • Francisco,

    PMed you for some additional help, still havent been able to set up a new account over at the new site. Can you help me out?

  • HI Francisco, 

    Thank you for your response on this. I went to check spam folders like you suggested to no avail. Can you offer any other suggestions or could you set the password to something general that you could share here or via PM?


  • Hi Jeremy,

    Please check your e-mail SPAM folder as the e-mail of your new account hasn't bounced back - which means it was delivered. I've sent you another activation e-mail.

    Your previous user e-mail ends with instead, but should still work. Also no bounce back there. As I said, check your SPAM folder because it can happen that it ended there.

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