CarbonCore 500X4


I'd like to show the forum members the new 500X4 Carbon Quadrocopter.

It is 500mm motor centre-to-centre, weighs 330g,

and has a sliding-locking battery tray typically used with a 3S 2500 pack.

It's the same tray used on the larger multis that can accomodate 6S 5800's.

Can take 30mm motors.

There's no Assembly Guide at this present time sorry, but they are very easy to build and very similar to the larger X4650 and X4950 which does have an Assembly Guide.

CarbonCore 500X4 (1) (Large).jpg

CarbonCore 500X4 (2) (Large).jpg

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  • I went to the link and have a comment on its design.  Please take what I am saying as constructive and not a criticism.  The method that you are using to connect the arms to the core appears to use only screws going from the top deck plate, through the carbon fiber tubes, through the lower deck plate.  Given the extraordinary vibration of multi-copters, this style of mounting arms will cause two problems after an extended number of flights.

    First - The screws will become small files and create larger holes in the deck plates over time.

    Second - As the holes become larger you will  have an issue in that the arms will begin to rotate which will cause the motor alignment (vertical) to start changing which will cause the thrust vector to also change on those arms that begin to have larger screw holes due to the file/wear affect.  This will eventually cause a yaw to occur.

    I would consider using clamp mounts like those used in the Droidworx products.  They have an alignment stub that fits into an alignment hole at the inside end of the arm which ensures that the motor mounts are exactly verticle and prevent any rotation of the arm even with high flight times.  The arn is secured via clamping vs. a screw through all the parts.

    Just an observation.   Please take it as it is intended - to make a better and more reliable airframe.

    Regards Allen

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