CCW motors getting hotter than CW motors on Quad


I am relatively new to Quads and Arducopter, but have been doing RC for over 15 years. I have recently built a quad with APM 2.5. I am running 1050kV motors on 3S with 10X4.5 props.

The machine flys great in all regards. However, I have noticed that the two CCW motors (left and right in my '+' configuration) get significantly hotter than the other two CW spinning motors.

I am a bit perplexed by this. The only thing I can think of is: The CCW props are molded differently (they are matching sets, of course!) and not as efficient. Also, even though I did not change the ESC settings, I suppose it possible that the timing is set differently, although this seems unlikely and a coincidence that the two CCW ones by chance are set the same.

Loving my arducopter and greatful to all the people that put so much work into this!

Any insight is appreciated.



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  • when motors 1&2 work harder on a quad+ configuration and your quad is yaw stable then ...

    - your ccw and cw props are not exactly the same size/pitch.

    - distance from motor to center of quad is not the same for motor 1&2 and motor 3&4

  • Could it be that you have a motor tilted and the pair on the perpendicular axis are trying to compensate for it? 

  • Developer

    Just looking at your logs and indeed, some motors are working much harder than others.  The lowest motor #4 is regularly hitting it's lower limit while the highest motor (#1) is at 1/2 throttle.  That's a big difference.  Maybe you haven't calibrated your ESCs?  Or maybe some motors are damaged?

    I'm not sure but you could try swapping around the motors and ESCs to see if the problem moves with them.  That could help tell you if it's a center-of-gravity problem or a motor/esc thing...or maybe it's both!  maybe your COG is forward on your quad and you've got a bad motor.  Not sure.


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