CG not able to center.. Any Options???

Are there any settings to tell the flight controller it is not at the CG?
I have a small copter, and when using some large batteries, cannot get the CG centered. 
It fly's fine, if I can get it off the ground....   Literally, seriously, if I can get the thing to take off, I can run it through some extreme flight tests, and it is all OK.  But it almost never gets off the ground.
If I try to take off slowly, even if I do it so the lighter side of the coper only slowly lifts over a 30+ second period, it still flips over to the heavy side.... why???  It's obvious to even me and my slow reactions what is happening... The heavy side is down and needs more power.
If I get it just right, I punch the throttle so it jumps off the ground, and then I lower the throttle so it hovers.  Then it will continue flying through the remainder of the battery.
But, if I get it wrong, It lifts off the ground, and keeps lifting the light side, so it flips.

So, questions are.... Is there a simple parameter where I can tell it the CG is off?

And if not...... what can I do so it takes off OK?  I try taking off slowly, so it can sense when one side is lifting... But even then, if the light side lifts over a long period, like 30 seconds the light side keeps becoming lighter, until it finally fips... Why can't the flight controller figure that out?  It;'s obvious one side is lifting, and the other is not. 
And like I said, if I do manage to get it in the air, it hovers level, and fly's perfectly fine w/ the unbalance.  

Thanks for any advice.

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