Channel 2 input not working in APM, replace ch1 with other channel?


I tried everything, resoldered, but still the channel 2 input not working in my APM 2.5

Is it possible to change the channel 2 with any other free channel like ch7,ch8?

channel 2 is pitch

Really feeling sad, this is my first costly board I bought but after this I feel dead.

Please guide me on how to change the code for this, if you have been through the process.



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Please answer someone. big problem it is. :(

Explain your setup and how you know CH2 input is not working? Also tell us what you've done exactly to try find the cause? Are you getting CH2 out of your receiver?

This is how I tested it, I used the channel(pitch from my Rx) and connected it to APM channel 2 and it didnt work, when I connected the pitch ch from Rx to channel 3 or any other one, it worked.

So problem in board, also I tested it using the voltmeter, its showing different voltage when connected to channel 2 than what it shows with others.

Please help me fix it. 


You have done the radio calibration, of course? I presume if you plug a servo into CH2 on your Rx the servo works fine? Likewise if you swop the cables or use another extension you still get no output on pitch in the Mission Planner (With CH2 OUT on Rx plugged into CH2 IN on APM?

Try plug CH1 output from Rx into CH2 IN on the APM, do you see movement of the pitch bar when you move the roll stick? If you still see no movement you may have a defective board.

I see no movement when I plug in Rx ch1 or anyother ch to ch2 input APM.Yes board is defective.

What do I do now? Any way in which I could easily change ch2 input of APM (pitch ) to any other free ch like AUX(ch7 or ch8)?


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