Hi Folks,

i found this at MK-Forum: Sexpander - A small Spektrum DX7 Channel Expander

I think ist is pretty neat, but needs code change.

Do you think it is possible to implement this at ardupilot?

And how would it be done best in terms of compatibility?

BTW: Is there any status update on the possibility of directly using spektrum satellites?

I read that it was possible with an extra board on APM1 but not on APM 2.X.

What du you think?

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I've been using it for years - now it's just collecting dust.

Compatibility; once you do the mod, you can't use one of the channels on other models, than the ones you needed the mod for (it muxes al the data onto one channel)

It would work if the PPM decoding chip  OF APM were flashed with proper firmware. With an extra board, I see no reason for it NOT to work on APM2 , (nor do I know what it would need extra board)

Hi Andke,

do you mean the sexpander or the Spektrum radio?

With compatibility i ment the APM software side, since they say in that post that with just setting one jumper you can get the original behavior of the spektrum remote back.

So you are saying it is "just" down to implementing the demux in the APM software?

How and where in the code can such be done?

not in APM software, would cause a lot of load, in the ArduPPM.

"how and where" : by programing, ArduPPM source :)

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