Chinese LiPo Batteries. Experiences?

Testing the waters with higher capacity batteries and is wondering if any members might have experience with batteries found on the Chinese marketplace such as Yabo or gen ace knock-offs?  I see that sites carry huge capacity batteries, such a 20,000 mAh 22.2V 6S pack.  

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  • The C rating is sometime a give away, if they even opt to tell the truth. Some are only 5C discharge, and their suspiciously low light weight would indicate low lithium content (ie capacity is way below that declared), or flexibility with the truth.

    Personally, I treat LiPos like Car tyres...yes, you can get knock offs for less than half the price of a good set of Continentals or Pirelli's...and for highway driving at legal speeds you probably won't notice the difference - but would you trust them in the twisties, or in hard braking?

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