I'm using version 3.13  with an Hexa ,

Even if I change the value of circle_radius  from 20 to 30 the copter circle perfectly but only with a radius around 10 meters .

Also the circle_rate  with values 10 and 50 related to CH6 and a potentiometer on the radio control do not change the speed of the circle .

A strange thing is that in the full parameters list I have now a value of -1330  but in the Extended Tuning the CH6 Opt have for "circle Rate"  -30 and 30 values .

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After further tests I founf out that I was able to change the rotation direction changing the CH6 potentiometer .

The change in speed was not so noticeable even with small values.

This is strange since with value 1 , it would take 360 seconds to achieve the circle.

What I found out is that any values of input in the CIRCLE_RADIUS leads to a spiral that become a circle with 10 meters radius.

I am having the same problems.  No matter size circle I try to fly; it always does a slow corkscrew.  I have been trying everything to get it to perform the Circle Mode properly, at variable sized radius.  Please, does anyone know why Circle Mode only flies Corkscrews?


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