CnC Machine Purchasing Ideas

So, the more I research this idea the more I want to do.  This avenue means me buying a "personal" CnC machine with a minimum of 3 axis.

This is one feasable machine:

Anyone got other ideas or suggestions?

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  • Like many products, there are a few brands around the CNC machine marketplace. Each manufacturer has attributes and its own standing. Some providers set themselves apart from other people such as cost. Milling machine manufacturers that are Finest you may hunt for such as HAAS, Okuma, DMG Mori, and Mazak. Work out the benefits and pitfalls of brands to get a simpler choice.

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  • The paralel interface is ancient, and I doubt the software is up to date. The hardware seems cool enough.

    It would be nice to control it using REPRAP hardware/software ? 

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