I want to be able to tell my quadcopter to fly(bearing, time, speed).......This will allow me to essentially say fly forward 1cm or fly left 10 cm etc.

1) Where in the software stack ( Mission Planner Scripts, Drone kit, APM code, pixhawk code) is the easiest place to issue such a command?

2) Can you point me in the right direction, where I can find a list of the commands  that will alllow me to do this?

Note: I  dont want to issue gps waypoints and I dont want to issue motor speeds. Issuing motor speeds, will force me to write code that translates the 4 motor's speeds into distance traveled which requires complex aerodynamics, inertia modelling....I simply want to issue a command fly(forward, 1 second, 1 m/s) or fly (80 degrees, 3 seconds, 4m/s) etc

Any thoughts?

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Aug 25