Commercial drones or customized drones?

Dear friends, so sorry if you have discussed this topic before. If so, please refer it to me.

I have built 2 drones (just for hobby) using pixhawk and some of the best available components on the market such as Taranis, Sunnysky motors, etc, mainly for aerial photography.  Taking into account the costs, I realized that I have incurred almost the same amount of money than if I would bought a commercial drone such as Solo, Phantom 3, etc. 

I enjoyed a lot the learning process in this hobby, but my question is what if I want to get into the business and I want to sell my drones. 

Do you see some advantages in building  the drones by yourself (using modular parts: pixhawk, controller, etc) over commercial drones such as Solo or Phantom 3??. 

Do you think it is possible to build better drones that those (Solo, Phantom) only using modular parts such as frame kits, controller, gimbal, gps, esc, etc??

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  • Most "commercial" dones are toys, unreliable DJI toys are the most sold things.

    Solo is fine, but like most, it's a quad only, and limited when it comes to different/bigger payloads.

    The biggest advantage of building self, is that we get to to build exactly what's needed, with the lifting capacity and reliability needed for commercial operations with expensive payload, or in urban areas.

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