Hi all
This is primarily an Australian issue, but in the long term it will affect us all

I took this photo in Melbourne today, and went in and asked if I could use this for professional press work.
The salesman said yes, on the condition that I flew under 120m

This is NOT TRUE

All commercial work MUST be by a holder of a controllers certificate operating under an AOC

Though there is talk of more flexible rules coming, there is NO clear guideline on this.

We need to present a uniform front on this and require some training as a minimum for all use of these devices for commercial work, otherwise we will have some cowboy crash into a crowd and stuff it up for all.

All in Australia, please consider joining aaus.org.au and make this better for all of us


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I guess your remark is about safety, thus applies not only for commercial use but for any use.

I do not think that regulation will force people to use common sense (about safety). Regulation neveer avoided accidents and avoids even less people having criminal intentions anyway.

Same debate about guns...look what's happening in the US.


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