Dear all,

I would like to communicate my APM2 with MATLAB using USB.

Basically, I would like to send the raw data of the accelerometer, gyros, and the magnetometer to MATLAB for advanced processing.

What is the right code to write on the APM as well as on MATLAB for the communication to work as perfect as possible with the minimal packets loss, if none at all ?!

I really need your help to get this done as soon as possible!


EDIT:  Oct 31st, 2015

SOLUTION is here,

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Problem's solved

sir I am also facing the same problem can you help me to solve it please....

I am just using some matlab functions for serial communication. You can send me your email and I will send you a piece of code. Sorry, if I don't reply rapidly, as I am a bit busy.


can i have the code?

Can i have the code? Email Address:

Thank You,



I request your advice about the issues below:

1) I want to import all sensor data of apm board (gps, magnetometer...) to matlab/simulink and send trajectory data(a set of 3 axis coordinates of target nodes in order)
2) I want to get speed transfer function of motors real time in order to get PID parameters via matlab/simulink(i know that we can tune PID parameters via mission planner soft. but i want to learn about this method)


Which method is useful for the purposes above:

-mission planner soft-matlab connection via serial port

-apm 2.6 and arduimo ide connection via xbee-usb and then arduino ide and matlab connection via serial port. Thank you.

Hello guys,

I am sorry it's been a long time since I did this. I don't remember exactly how I did it !!

But I will try to find the code and respond back.

Please send it to me also.


Maybe on of the guy's, how already has the code.

Can i have the code? Email Address:

Thank You,

Dear Mohammad Zahana

I am also looking for the ways to communicate with matlab with my APM 2,6

I want you to help me if is possible

my email adress is

thank you

Can you please send me the code on

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