Comparison of base station software

I did some searching on here for comparisons of the different ground station software out there and haven't found much. I was wondering about some of the different set-ups and how effective they would be at handling different configs:

I am wanting to do a Quadcopter (Arducopter) and a ground vehicle, and set them up to operate individually from the same ground control and autopilot boards. I am still in the process of building my chassis, so I haven't gotten started on experimenting with different ground controls. I have seen available...



Q ground control

Happy Killmore


APM Mission Planner



is anyone willing to give a bit of a breakdown or comparison of these suites? I saw a google spreadsheet that had a comparo of autopilots

and thought that something similar for the ground control/mission planner software might be beneficial. I could set up the google apreadsheet, but i would not be able to fill it in more than TItles, as I dont have any real experience with any of them.

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  • I'm not sure this is possible. Things change every day on these programs and it will be very difficult to keep up.


    As far as your list, X-Plane isn't a stand-along GCS to my knowledge....


    You might want to add OpenPilot, Paparazzi GCS, FY GCS, MicroPilot Horizon, Procerus, GluonPilot GCS, Robota GCS.... plus there are a bunch of other homebrew Linux and Mac GCS' out there you could possibly add to the list.

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