Compass and Yaw relationship logs

(This is for Adam and Andrew)


APM 2.0, 3DR quad, ~ 1300-1650grams (depending on payload and battery), 750kv motors, 11x4.7 SF props, 3s, v2.5.3

1)  Log file of mag and yaw difference using tlog method of mag calibration

2) tlog file used for calibration

3) log file of flight with nominal mag and yaw difference (live data method for calibration

See the difference?  Maybe just a bad tlog?  Btw, how can I look at the tlog? Loading via mission planner and playing it back seems to do nothing.

BAD yaw-mag after tlog calibration.log

tlog used for calibration.tlog

Good yaw - mag after live data cal.log

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  • Developer

    Jonathan... I don't see any flying in that tlog. That is most likely the problem.

  • Also, this may or may not be related, but I had a long flight today with the go pro.  Looking at the log file, the mag seems to drop out completely randomly.  It flew pretty well, and only a few times did yaw feel sloppy.  I tried loiter (needs tuning) and alt hold (ch6 tuning attempt) but mostly flew stable and simple.

    Another oddity of this flight happens about a third of the way in, my quad had a uncommanded roll which ended in a crash.  Fortunately, I was about 3 ft above the ground and did not damage anything.  I flew fine after this with no issues.  Any thoughts as to what caused this?


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