Compass Orientation

I installed the Ublox Neo-6M GPS with V2.0 compass module on my APM2.6 and everything set up fine but when I look at the compass heading in Mission Planner the compass is indicating that the Hexacopter is pointing South when in fact it is pointing North. The Ublox module didn't arrive with any instructions or any indication of which direction it should point. My question has my compass module been mounted 180 degrees out or is the Heading info in Mission planner backwards like the artificial horizon. I have flown the copter and it flies fine but I haven't used any functions other than stabilize mode. TIA


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  • Hi,

    Go to Mission Planner > Initial Config > Compass > Rotation > Yaw 180 THEN live calibrate ( I would bring laptop to middle of lawn or field and calibrate for best results)

    Now check if North is North and West is West.

    Update and let me know if it worked.  Once you have done this try out LOITER and see if it works or toilet bowls (circles the spot it should be staying still in)

    Let me know if you need help.

    • Thanks for the reply Brandon.

      Also thanks for the heads up on the menu listing I missed that on my first run through the procedure. I found an article on the net that showed that I had installed the Mag the wrong way around so I installed it correctly ( I wanted to replace the steel screws with nylon ones anyway) and reinstalled all of the software and performed the calibrate procedure. Now North is North and West is West. I still have to calibrate everything at my inside computer as I am waiting for a new battery for my laptop so I probably won,t be able to test until next week.


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