Have anyone else got the problem i see here:


Quad sits on the ground and the compass spinning like crazy.

Stablilze works pretty good. Sometimes RTL works, sometimes it just drifts away in some random direction. Same thing with Loiter

The spinning effect starts after a few minutes up in the air. Compass is still after an power reset.

Magnetic Declination is set. Ground station show good data.

Quad is all stock parts. I am using APM2


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I had that problem once, I un plugged the main flight pack and plugged it back in again, all OK after that,


Did you use APM1 or 2?



I have this problem.. I traced it back to the fact my compass is dead but my GPS

was working fine...

Check the raw values and see if it working..  It will quit if you unplug the GPS..


I once had a problem where my compass was faulty which also caused my baro altimeter to not work. maybe they are on the same bus? someone here would know that, but if your baro alt is also not working its a good bet your compass is bad. 

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