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Paul Williams replied to Donald Wallace's discussion v3.1.4 compass calibration issues
"Download the APM Planner 2 and do the calibration there then go back to Mission planner.
I had the same problem, :("
May 26, 2014
Paul Williams replied to Stephen Zidek's discussion Is it possible to set ROI to none?

Yaw tracking option
ALtitude (in meters)

Setting will persist until reboot
The location is optional
The option is a number from 0 to 4
MAV_ROI_NONE = 0: Yaw will hold it's current angle
Aug 8, 2012
Paul Williams posted a discussion
I find the land speed from 10 mtr's is for my quad too fast is the a way i can slow it down?Also can i set in the last box on the take off command to 10 mtr's and will it then take off and climb to 10 mtr's before moving to the first…
Aug 6, 2012
Paul Williams posted a discussion
I've just updated to 2.7,since the update i have a small problem with the camera mount.Before i could use the CAM_R_TRIM to level the mount, this time it has no affect :-( I tried to set 1700>Wright Params then read and it's accepted the changes but…
Jul 28, 2012
Paul Williams replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"Had a crash, when i switched into Alt-hold, strong winds as you can see from the video.
But i thought i'd try the alt hold, mistake :-( As soon as i switched it rolled over and hit,
Not much damage, Bent one motor mount and broke the landing gear on…"
Mar 25, 2012
Paul Williams posted a discussion
I updated yesterday and all was OK.Today started the laptop and get this See screen shot, thats all the MP won't start up.mp.jpg
Mar 20, 2012
Paul Williams replied to Stefan Olofsson's discussion Compass /Yaw going crazy
"I had that problem once, I un plugged the main flight pack and plugged it back in again, all OK after that,"
Mar 8, 2012
Paul Williams replied to Mark Slater's discussion Octocopter Wiki Discrepancy
"I'm trying to work this out also, added screen shots from the two wiki links from Marks post above.
as you can see in the shots they have a different motor layout, so what is the correct motor layout using 2.4.#
the first photo is the first…"
Mar 2, 2012
Paul Williams replied to srinath mallikarjunan's discussion Xbee usb adapter is identified as a mouse by windows 7
"Mine running on Win 7 64bit and worked from the off, no problems.
TX on quad power on start mission planner then lastly connect the USB to the Xbee, select the com port and speed then connect, so far works ever time."
Jan 26, 2012
Paul Williams replied to Zack Wang's discussion Arducopter Starting Problem
"do you have the servo travel on the rudder channel at 100%? if not re do the tx settings so the system knows where full left and right are !"
Dec 13, 2011
Paul Williams posted a discussion
Hi Guys I've got the maxsonar XL 1260 and i find the hight when on the ground is at 20cm but if i lift the quad to about 1mtr it says its at between 50 to 70 cm.Is there anything i can do to calibrate this sonar to the right hight? Thanks in…
Dec 5, 2011
Paul Williams replied to Paul Williams's discussion Setting up 20.0.50
"Thanks guys, i'll give it a try later and let you know how i get on."
Nov 24, 2011
Paul Williams posted a discussion
Hi all.Im having problem setting up 50, the quad is very twitchy.Am I right in thinking first setup the acro mode, up the p value till it starts to wobble then back off till it stable, then change to stabilaze mode and setup the p value there.Acro…
Nov 23, 2011