Compiling ardupilot for PIXHAWK


I am diving into the ArduCopter code for my project. I am curious how the Arducopter repository is compiled for specific hardware (whether its APM or PIXHAWK). When I look at the Arducopter repositories, I come across lot of .pde (arduino specific files) which seems to be related to ArduPilotMega (an arduino based autopilot). 

I wonder how those .pde compiles into a working executable for PIXHAWK. or is it that I am missing some files.

If you can guide me to some tutorial/documentation, it would be really appreciated.  

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  • Hi Robin, the same codebase is used for all platforms. The different platforms are accommodated in the HAL

    I had no problems following the instructions at the links posted by Xian06 the first time I compiled the code for the Pixhawk. If you are having problems at a specific step, let us know.

    • I have managed to compile the ardupilot code to create .px4 executables (ready to upload).

      I what did not understand is how are the .pde files gets converted into a huge .cpp file(like 15k lines huge). 

      What I am assuming is that the makefile condensed into a single .cpp file which is then compiled to create a pixhawk executable.

      Are my thoughts on the right track ?

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