Complete Fixed Wing System For Sale $3500

I am selling our company demo drone as we have moved on to a different platform.  The airframe is new and the bird is configured.

Short Description:  This is a one man portable fixed wing system with about 45minutes to an hour of flight time.  She is designed to be hiked into location, setup and torn down without an external power source.  She will give you about 3-4 hours of use before power runs out.  Comes with:

1.  Backpack Luggage case - wheels, strap and PVC skeleton for "I fell over hiking" protection

2.  Airframe is a Phantom FX61

3.  Airframe completely disassembles and fits into the case

4.  Four 4S 5200 Multistar 10C batteries

5.  Cannon S100 camera with SD card configured

6.  Scorpion Motor

7.  Two 3DR GPS/Mag modules for redundancy

8.  Acer Laptop that swivels 360deg fully loaded with all software needed to run the drone

9.  Futaba 8J radio configured, Futaba R6008SB Receiver (S-Bus compatible)

10.  Pixhawk autopilot with airspeed sensor

11.  Castle Creation BEC

12.  HiTec Servos

13.  RFD900 1 Watt Telemetry radio set

14.  Servo Bus voltage indication, buzzer, kill switch and I2C board

15.  Tripod

16.  Tool Set for minor to moderate repairs

17.  Extra Camera Batteries

18.  Lipo Pouch

This is a tested system rebuilt into a new airframe.  You will need to calibrate the magnetometer and air speed sensor, instructions for those procedures are documented.

EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED to fly these types of birds, please know what you are doing or else you will have a very short flight.

$3500 firm.  I pay shipping, I will deliver to any address within the continental United States.  Picture provided is a previous generation and not what you are being shipped.  What you are being shipped is the same airframe but better built.  If you wish to talk to us about it please call 980-333-2301.


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