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I belong to a robotics club which has recently become facinated with these drones. We can get funding to purchase one from the local school district, but we need to get everything from one website/supplier to make the billing easy. if we bought this kit, what would we still need to purchase to be able to program the copter to fly to a specific gps coordinate and land? Also, does this kit include the nessasary parts to include a fail-safe? I would appreciate links, but if you just have the numbers, that would be fine as well.



I know I should be doing this research myself, but I would rather get an expert's opinion first, so that we know for sure there will not be any additional costs.







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  • I am also very interested in the activities of such clubs. Although I can see that the topic is 12 years old, people are still active here, so I would ask for sure, are you still active?
  • The toolkit you suggested is also very nice. Is there any other type that I can refer to?
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  • What country are you located in?

    The kit you should should do what you are looking for.  I would strongly recommend the 3DR Radio telemetry option, even though it's not strictly necessary to do what you want.  The sonar is unnecessary and could be a potential complication at this point.

    The Spektrum radios should have a failsafe included, but I'm not positive.  I'm not a fan of those systems so I don't know all about them.

    I'd recommend getting some extra propellers (maybe up to 8!), and possibly a few spare arms at the same time.

    You will also need at least one battery pack and charger, which doesn't appear to be listed there.  And then from there, there's all kinds of "nuts and bolts" which would be very helpful but not available there.  Things like a LiPo battery voltage checker, etc. .

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