In using the Mission Planner (Ver 10) to upload the A/C specific configuration (easystar.param).via the AMP a dialogue window opens with the title "SAVED NOTE" with the message "4:22:48 PM Easy Star Post Crash"

The OFP (firmware) loads ok with the generic param-list.  What's the work around?

I printed out the easrstar.param file before everything turned upside down in the infinite loop exercise.  Any way I can manually stuff the original one into the APM?

What happens if I manually modify the generic param-list to match the old ones that worked?  There will be several generic params left over - will these excess params cause in flight problems?

Having been flying OK just 5 weeks ago, I am reluctant to quit now.  I would like to ship the H/W back and pay 3D to load/personalize it for me but I can't get any response from sale. or help. e-mails.  Has anyone had factory load requests done successfully.?

Grounded in the hanger-


Mike Cowan

(Note: the past few weeks have been spent making sure that each and every part of the H/W works OK by substitution)

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  • OK jokes on me - I printed  out the new easystar.param file and there at the top was the title- "4:22:48 PM Easy Star Post Crash". Deduction - this IS the new easystar file and it IS loaded into the onboard A/P OFP (firmware to you) and it IS safe to fly .  Have a heart for a senior citizen -What's with the POST CRASH?  Guess I can handle it from here.  3 weeks of above 100 deg temp here in St. Louis - let you know how it comes out when it cools down.



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