I've just assembled my ArduCopter, and am testing things right now. I'm using flight 1.4, latest configurator, and confused about something I might be missing or doing wrong :)
- I've got an Eurgle rx/tx, receiver is connected to IN0-IN4 on the APM
- Outputs to ESCs connected from OUT0-OUT4 APM; power wire cut
- I'm powering the ESCs from a lipo, APM+oilpan from USB

Once I switch everything on, all inputs look fine; sensors give the right output. Z-axis is a little high (425), but that shouldn't be a problem.
- I don't see TX output in my configurator screen
- I can get response from the TX, but all channels seem to map to a single motor - i.e. if I keep both sticks to the lower left, all motors are silent; moving either stick in one direction spins up one of the 4 motors. Both sticks to upper right spins all motors at max speed.

Am I missing a step somewhere? I wouldn't know how I got my rx channels directly mapped to motor control, so it must be the APM doing some weird stuff. Any ideas?

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something is toggling the MUX Failsafe
it maps the inputs directly to the outputs, the 1280 doesn't get any data (that is all done by the ppm encoder)

is something connected to IN7?
Thanks! At least that explains something :)

Nothing is connected to IN7 - just the connections mentioned above. I just tried to connect everything up without using USB, and things look fine (ie now all motors get output on throttle use, some get output on orientation change). I'm worried I've got a short somewhere..
If you're not showing proper RC input in the Configurator screen, you might have an APM board that needs new firmware. Sparkfun had a bad loading process for one batch. Instructions for doing it are here.

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