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Switching over from earthbound robotics to things that can fly.

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I'm experimenting with programmable robotics, UAV's.

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Robert posted a discussion
Hi,I've just assembled my ArduCopter, and am testing things right now. I'm using flight 1.4, latest configurator, and confused about something I might be missing or doing wrong :)Situation:- I've got an Eurgle rx/tx, receiver is connected to IN0-IN4…
Oct 23, 2010
Robert replied to David spencer's discussion ArduCopter Mac OS X support?
"OK. The good news: LabView runs perfectly on my macs.
The bad news: ArduCopterConfigurator contains windows-only requests for retrieval of registry keys (obviously windows-only). I need to get this cleaned up, but don't know anything about LabView…"
Oct 15, 2010
Robert posted a discussion
Hi,I've successfully assembled my APM+IMU. I have connected it to USB and GPS, and flashed the latest (RC1) arducopter code. After this I went trough the init procedure, and loaded the default values. There is no rx/tx or any other electronics…
Oct 11, 2010
Robert commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post ArduCopter power distribution PCB for Quad setup
"Let me know if you have proto boards available, I'll be happy to try one on the arducopter build i've just started!"
Oct 5, 2010
Robert replied to Vincent Mees's discussion RC wiring
"Good point. Not having seen the electronics for real yet, It's difficult to answer. I did find some hints on rcgroups about the receiver being wired to the battery directly, but I can't imagine that's correct.
As far as the APM&IMU being powered…"
Sep 27, 2010
Robert replied to Robert's discussion Another ArduCopter parts discussion
"Ok, another quick update. I ordered the oilpan, GPS, magnetometer, Airopilot board. What's left is motor, ESC, prop and battery choices. I'm inclined to go for the DT750 for the motors, due to the easier mount, high torque, and attractive watts/oz…"
Sep 27, 2010
Robert posted a discussion
Hi,I've been following the ArduCopter project for a while now, and have decided to give it a go. Over the last few days I've been reading up on as many details as possible, and would like to run the results by the community, to find out if I'm…
Sep 26, 2010