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graphic designer triathlete robot/arduino hobbyist

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been working with various small arduino projects, stumbled across ArduCopter and will now be building one myself…

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David spencer commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Iris Developer Edition shipments started!
"Will there be a gopro brushless gimbal?"
Sep 23, 2013
David spencer commented on Joshua Ott's blog post 3D Robotics introduces Iris, a totally ready-to-fly quadcopter UAV with next-gen autopilot
"Looking forward to seeing the solution for carrying a gopro and very much hoping it's a brushless gimbal with integrated cabling back to a VTx… in which case I'd be up for the pre-order."
Aug 20, 2013
David spencer posted a discussion
I've just installed a new and unused APM2 (not 2.5) into a steadiDrone Qu4d build, using a hobbywing quattro esc.i'm using a jeti radio and RSat2 PPM receiver.Set-up and configuration seemed very smooth with mission planner and i could configure…
May 30, 2013
David spencer posted a discussion
can anyone suggest/direct me to a suitable handheld 2.4gzh scanner (spectrum analyzer?) which i can use for 'in the field' checking before i switch my radio on and fly?
Nov 24, 2012
David spencer posted a discussion
Very quick question for which i couldn't find an obvious answer on the wiki.When setting up my APM2 (purple board), in the hardware set-up window, do i need to click the 'enable compass' checkbox?I've tried doing so, but Mission Planner grinds to a…
Mar 23, 2012
David spencer commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Marcy 2 parts
"you need more air in that stability ball, should be very little deformation when you sit on it. ;-)"
Feb 29, 2012
David spencer posted a discussion
just wondered whether anyone can offer advice on setting up a DX8 failsafe with an arducopter - ie: what should happen in the event of signal loss and how to set that up on the radio.thanks…
Dec 8, 2011
David spencer posted a discussion
i've been having on-going issues with my sonar and wonder whether anyone can help?i've used the terminal sonar test and with the sonar connected i get a continuous 20cm reading, no matter what and without it connected i'm getting 700cm.i was…
Dec 6, 2011
David spencer commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Please welcome ArduPilotMega 2.0!
"place my pre-order a few days ago… i assume it can be mounted to the 3DR frame plates without any additional drilling required?"
Dec 6, 2011
David spencer replied to Sayan Andriyanov's discussion Unable to arm ESCs. Also unusual PWM.
"not followed the links in your post above to see, but i have the same radio set-up and initially had a similar issue.
i fixed it by going into servo set-up on the DX8, select the throttle, and increase the travel param to 110% at each end of the…"
Nov 29, 2011
David spencer replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.0.50
"i've just uploaded 2.0.50 to my arducopter (3dr frame, turnigy plush 18A, t-motors).
did the whole thing and then ran a bench test without props in stabilize flight mode.
first off i gave it enough throttle to spool the motors - the motors continued…"
Nov 26, 2011
David spencer posted a discussion
Hi Folks,1. Is there a way to test the sonar in mission planner - i can't tell whether it's working or not2. my yaw stick seems to be set correctly - right to arm - but the actual yaw motion of the quad seems to be reversed - the other channels are…
Nov 16, 2011
David spencer commented on Scott Plunkett's blog post New GoPro cam for all you drone photogs - Is this your next cam?
"would quite like to know what technique they use to switch between realtime and slow-motion 'mid-clip'. useful for arty flight clips."
Oct 25, 2011
David spencer commented on Martint BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk's blog post Drone Zone II Meeting Guildford UK
"just down the A3 from me, so will make every effort to get down there if that's ok?"
Oct 19, 2011
David spencer posted a discussion
I've just tried to configure my APM/Oilpan with APM Planner 1.0.82 Updated firmware ok, rebooted ok Connected up again and clicked the APM Setup button. Reset APM to default Clicked the radio input button, nothing happening on screen when i move the…
Oct 13, 2011
David spencer replied to David spencer's discussion Transmitter / config issues
"Still having issues.

I've found that by increasing the travel on my radio throttle channel I can get the motors to arm. I they don't spin, but I can see that they've all moved 'up a notch' on the configuration screen

Moving the stick up starts the…"
Mar 18, 2011