GoPro launches HD Hero2 helmet cam, announces video streaming Wi-Fi pack for winter


Check out the full article over on engadget


The wifi backpack may prove to be cool depending on range, but the fact that they are integrating remote control, better streaming ans stills performance really shows they are listening to their customers.  SO, is this YOUR next drone-cam?

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  • I've heard good thing about the Sony NEX-5N and NEX-7. They are priced well over the GoPro2 but I will probably get one as an upgrade to GoPro2 in nearby future. GoPro2 is small and does a honest job in good light situations, but has room for future improvements. 

  • Very disappointed with GoPro Hero 2 performance. This is my first GoPro camera that I acquired to use in a FPV system. But at least in 1080P quality is not even close to that of big brands like Sony, Nikon or Canon point and shoot cameras with 1080p video capabilities. In less than perfect light conditions the light shadow are filled with color noise that looks like a blinking Christmas tree. Resolution is obviously interpolated and not very impressive even in perfect light conditions, not to mention the very strong wobbling (jello) effect from the CMOS sensor.
    I'm regretting this buy! 

  • Vassilis:  On my GOPRO Hero 1080, I have found that the Jell-O or wiggle effect is caused by the
    vibration and specifically the resonance that reaches the camera from the frame.  I succeeded in just about
    eliminating that effect by isolating the camera mount from the air frame and the camera from the mount.  I also found that running the camera in 960P nearly eliminates the amount of Jell-O effect.

  • Anis:  I am interested in the range you are getting on live video via the 5.8 GHz transmitteer and the antennas you are using (patch on rec.?).  I have been using 1.2 GHz since my 900 MHz unit gets interference from the onboard xbee.  Let me know if the new GOPRO has the lens that is screwed into a coupler over the sensor.

    I also assume the NTSC output on the new GOPRO is also a 640/480 resolution.


    Thanks for the info.



  • Has anyone overcome the Jello effect problem of the Hero1, caused from the CMOS sensor?

  • I bought one 2 days ago, the motorsportpack, gonna get it and tell you Allen , but you should be right

    Also, ive bought it for next stage in my project,which is fpv with a 5.8ghz rx/tx and didn't think about using it for High quality rec; that should be done by a dedicated appropriate (but liftable ^^ ) cam.. but if you're wrong, then this gopro hero2 might be an exceptional and powerfull fpv/hd rec  combo (at least for my project) , that means much less hassle with lifting power and a huge benefit for airtime .. crossing fingers :)

  • I sent a tech support message to GOPRO to see if it allows the removal of the stock lens, allowing the after-market lens to be installed that many of us upgraded in the current model.  They said the new unit has the lens mounted directly to the imager and cannot be removed.  I think we will have to get one and take it apart to verify.  Regarding the fisheye effect, GOPRO said the following today:

    In the 1080 mode you can film in either 170, 127, or 90 degree FOV. The 90 degree FOV will have the
    least fisheye effect.

    This tells me that the 1080P still has a fisheye effect so if you need high quality at 1080P and absolutely no fisheye and if the lens cannot be changed out - this is not a camera you want.  I find the current unit just fine for the work that I do.


  • Developer

    1080p is still 30FPS... :(

  • Nice. I wish they had designed it with a centered lens though. This offset lens makes it awkward to install in airframes. Not an issue for quads but still annoying for fixed wing.


  • would quite like to know what technique they use to switch between realtime and slow-motion 'mid-clip'. useful for arty flight clips.
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