just wondered whether anyone can offer advice on setting up a DX8 failsafe with an arducopter - ie: what should happen in the event of signal loss and how to set that up on the radio.


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It's easy, this way I have done it:  (Disable thotteI high and switch alarm in the transmitter) I think is best to get RTL activated in case of tx loss, first to do is finding the hover throttel (stick position) then put the bind plug in the receiver and power on Receiver. When the light flashing in all satelite, take the bind plug out of receiver and then move the stick to hover throttel(about middel) and switch to RTL mode, leave all other switch like that you use in normal RTL. Then power on the Transmitter in bind mode, wait about 15 sek. Switch off Tx/Rx....Finish. Try this out with props off. 

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