Transmitter / config issues

At one point in time i was getting somewhere with my arducopter but the wheels seem to have fallen off big style recently and i'm now experiencing real problems and would appreciate some tips…


main issue at the moment it getting the configurator to recognise that i have a transmitter connected.


I've stripped the APM/Oilpan out of my build and have it connected to an old thinkpad via usb.


The receiver (AR9000 - no satellite attached) is connected - signal cables only to the APM and drawing power from the  far left set of pins and i havbe a good bind with my DX8


I can connect the APM/Oilpan successfully - and can see the gyro/acc graphs moving around.


When i attempt to calibrate my transmitter - nothing - the various control sliders on the screen don't move as i move the sticks.


Looking at the APM the blue led next to PPM is slowly flashing.


Could anyone offer some advice?


Attempted the above with an AR8000 receiver but no luck with that either.


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  • a slow flash blue ppm light means that receiver signals are not being detected by the APM. can you post a pic?

    also in cli pwm test, do you get just 1200's?

  • I am using the same receiver and having the same problem.
  • I have the same issue... no transmitter response in configurator but the test with APM_RC reveal that al inputs works... how did you resolve the problem??
  • Still having issues.

    I've found that by increasing the travel on my radio throttle channel I can get the motors to arm. I they don't spin, but I can see that they've all moved 'up a notch' on the configuration screen

    Moving the stick up starts the motors and I can increase speed.

    So there seems to be one issue to iron out there.

    Next issue is that, with all dips switches up, if I move the quad around in the air with the motors running, I'm not getting any kind of corrective feedback at all.

    In the configuration window for acro mode I can see proportional values but all I and d values are 0

    In stable mode all pid values are 0

    Could anyone shed some light?
  • Thanks for your replies. I took everything apart and put it all back together and mysteriously, the configuration became stable and I've been able to configure my radio.

    HOWEVER, I now seem to be having problems getting the motors to start - I guess this is something to do with stick travel adjustments.

    Could anyone point me at info for fine tuning my stick travel - so I can bring her to life..
  • Developer
    Also you could look ArducopterNG's debug data from serial feed. Was it S or U that outputs receiver data.
  • does the reciever work with servos/ESCs directly connected?

    is it correctly connected? (post a picture if you are unsure)

  • If I recall, I think you have to have the satilite receiver connected on an ar9000. also slow blue flash means no ppm is detected.


  • Thanks


    Configurator is 1.22 and i'm attempting to use the Ardupirates NG rev527 code


    I have an mtek gps (unplugged at the moment until i sort this issue out) and a DIYDrones mag soldered components down, pins forward

  • Which version of the Arducopter software and which version of the Configurator?



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