First set of proto distribution PCB's are out from manufacturingcompany and ArduCopter core team around world are waiting to receivetheir packets for proto testing.

Ok then how to build it and connect it to your electronics??

First users need to put some soldering paste on center traces, this way we can drive currents over 40 Amps. Thickness needed for 30 amp constant currents is at least 0.5 millimeter of soldering paste (like on PCB at center). This is essential otherwise board cannot handle current surges.

Next thing is to solder your ESC +,- wires to the big pads at edge of the PCB. You can also solder Deans connector as shown in PCB at middle on picture above. Please check polarity of your connection.

Below is wiring instructions for whole board along with PCB picture. If user want to use BEC from ESC, they can get +5V from any of those middle pins.

GND pins are always connected to GND. Mid pins are not normally connected to anywhere unless user need to have +5V from BEC. Signal pin goes to FlightController board.

This board can be used also for I2C data bus. If using I2C ESC's. Connect all middle (+) and together, all signal (s) pins together and then bring 2 wires from them to FlightControllers I2C bus. This setup works for example with my modified I2C ESC's.

On board there are few extra holes and holes can be even made more if needed, these holes can be used for example to get raw battery voltage to measure voltage.

Illustration of ESC connection with few Deans connectors, one signal line (yellow) to APM and power input from battery

PCB board kit is planned to have following items:
- 4 x 3 pin right angle connectors
- Needed jumper cables
- 10 - 15cm battery cable

Deans connectors are not included due different users have different requirements for connecting ESC and battery. ESC power cables can also be soldered directly to PCB.

Kit contents can still change before official release, more parts can be found from ArduCopter development wiki pages at

Final parts list will be published to ArduCopter wiki after setup is complete.

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  • Are the power distribution boards available from the diydrones webstore or only from jdrones? I'm located in the US and building my own frame, but want to use the PDB. Thanks!
  • Let me know if you have proto boards available, I'll be happy to try one on the arducopter build i've just started!
  • where can i get the power distribution pack part? any idea? i need an extra pack 3 pcb
  • Developer
    Yes they will be available shortly on PhiFUN and DIY Drones websites. On this picture we have our single side PCB. There will be both single and double sides available.
  • Can I buy some PDB's?
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