confusion in pitch with HKMega V2.5

Hey Fellas,

I dont mean to bore you guys with this probably simplistic problem but I am confusing

myself with this board. The autopilots were a gift from a friend and I can program it fine.

My radio is the Fut. 18MZ. I just use some DJI Flame Wheels for the basic structure

but I use regular 22 mm motors and some 10 Amp Speed opto controllers with BEC.

So a regular quad. But I have built three of them and the last two exhibit the same 

problem. Roll is fine and correct. I loaded the 3.01 firmware from the Planner.

I do the compass calibration and it always comes out some large number in

the first digits like 195,-49,-13. or 199, -52,-19. That first digit is always over 150.

the Accelerometers are always good. Radio  cal is good and I go out and fly and

it just flips over either forward or backward. Roll seems to be fine. You can see the

quad lift to the right or left based on the stick input. But I can NOT get it to pop up

straight. I put the 3.01 firmware and one with the 2.5 load and both do the same.

If I reverse the channel it still flips over, And you can see it coming by raising the

throttle .  It must be a simple thing.

I usually build DJI stuff but I have had a blast doing the ArduCopter stuff, but

I just have to get past this simple issue. It might have to do with the Compass

cal, but I cant get to get that number. The hard part is I still have cable connected

and it keeps me from doing a smooth motion when rotating the quad. I have this

same problem with the 2.5 or with the 3.01 load. Thanks so very much for this

forum. A really great place to come learn!!!

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  • If you look at the servo monitor window in the Tx are they all moving independently?

    Why not try just resetting the model in the Tx back to default.

  • Appears to be something with my Futaba 18MZ Tx and the 7008SB in using the Sbus or

    the regular mode. I never have problems with Sbus, and its apparent I have something crossed

    up between a regular cable for each channel and the SBus. There is a little COMB window 

    next to 5 of the 6 channels in the radio

  • Here is another data point.  the copter acts as if Yaw and pitch are hooked to each other

    or they are in each others input. Its a Futaba 7008SB receiver with the 18MZ Tx. I am perplexed 

    But I have done something wrong.

  • Thanks Mike I will try that this afternoon

  • Whenever I get strange things happening with an install I go back into Terminal/setup
    Do an erase
    Then a reset/Y
    and reboot
    Go through the calibrations again from scratch

    It usually does the trick.

    I now do this as a matter of habit whenever I do a firmware upgrade.

  • I'll ask the simple questions first:

    Have you set the board orientation correctly, a '+' or 'x'

    Motor directions?

    Props correct?

    If you run it up holding it (just low throttle) does it react in the right direction when tilted, ie, try to level it's self.

    If you move the sticks do the motors change speed correctly? right roll - rolls right, forward - tilts forward, etc.

    Have you been through the accelerometer calibration?

    When sitting flat and connected to the Mission Planner is the HUD moving correctly when you move the copter.

    When you reload the firmware do you do an erase and reset?

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