confusion with datalogs


  i have been having trouble to identify the data logs and match with the mission i concluded. the procedure i follow is stated below:

data flashlogs tab on the home screen > download data flashlogs via mavlink. then i have a list of few logs. but all of them have a same date and time and the date too dates back to 30 years ago. is there a way i can change the time and date on apm?

thanks in advance, any suggestion is gretly appereciated

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  • My APM 2.6 does the same. However when downloaded the date and time is  shown as example below.

    Creating KML for C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\logs\QUADROTOR\1\2016-05-16 19-17-24.log

    With date being May 16th, 2016 time is 24 hour as 7:17:24 pm

  • You can calculate it from GPS week number and GPS ms
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