Connecting an APM 2.0 to other devices.

  I am looking to expand the capabilities of my APM 2.0  I am wondering if anyone would answers to the following questions concerning the APM 2.0

  Can I connect an Arduino Relay Shield to the APM?  If not, would it be possible to connect another Arduino to the APM 2.0?  Via the Atmega 2650 SPI port or the Atmega 32U2 SPI port?  These are serial interfaces but these maybe inactive when a telemetry module (Xbee) is connected to the APM. 

My goal is to be able to control multiple relays via the APM 2.0 telemetry and I am researching a method to do this.  The easiest method to me seems to be to connect the APM to an arduino board with a 6 relay shield.  If you have any tips or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers,


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  • I'd use GPIO pins and make relay cables.  By that I mean wire up a little relay at some point in your cable and throw a piece of shrink tube over it.

    You'll save some weight by not adding another whole board to the system.

    I often dig relays out of junk electronics since they're fairly large and easy to spot, easy to desolder, and fairly expensive to buy new.

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