Unlike most descriptions that I can find, my GPS unit only has ONE cable coming from the GPS unit.  I can't get the compass to calibrate in Mission Planner.  All the points are clumped around a single spot far out in the periphery of  the live calibration screen.

1.  Does my GPS unit even have a compass?

if so, how do I connect the darn thing to my China copy pixhawk 2.4.8!

I've tried taking the 4th and 5th wires from the GPS and plugged them in to the I2C pins 2 and 3,

Thank you for reading this, and I appreciate the help.

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  • Here's what I have gleaned so far in researching this further.

    1. the APM 2.5 has a built in compass

    2.  evidently the apm 2.6 does not  have a built in compass.  (http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-compass-setup-advanced.html)

    hence there wasn't a need for an external compass when using the APM 2.5.  I must conclude that mine does not have an external compass, merely GPS.

    Hope this helps prevent a lot of frustration if you have a similar configuration. 

    Advanced Compass Setup — Copter documentation
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