Consumer Iris questions

Some of my questions are going to seem stupid for those that are advanced, but I was always told no question is stupid so I am going to ask a few! 

My new Iris arrived today and I am doing a lot of reading and trying to understand everything before I ever plug the battery in.   So one of my first questions has to do with the Flysky fs-th9x radio.   When looking at it I see a DJT rf module with an antenna snapped into the back.  At first I was looking for the antenna that you normally see on the top of the radio.   I figured out after some reading that this is a better way to control the Iris as it helps maintain a good signal.   ( correct me along the way )   

So here is my confusion,   lets say I would like at some point in time to buy or build another quad.  Can I use my Flysky with it and what would I have to buy to make it  compatible.   And if I did this am I able to switch between quads without having to reprogram each one again.

Second question.  I would like to change the RTH altitude from 15m to 25m just so I know I will be clearing the trees in my area.  And the same for the low battery,  it says it will activate a landing at 25% battery.   I would like it instead to return to home and again at the 25m

I also hope other new owners will start asking questions, because I am sure it will help  everyone.

Thanks again 

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  • Most of your questions can be answered here- as far as the settings go and how to change them.  As simple answer to your radio questions is yes, you could buy another compatible Rx, bind it to your new IRIS radio and fly them both.  You would want to set-up a second model in the radio though.  Your radio manual should explain this, if not just Google your radio model and look at setting up a new model in the radio.  Most computer radios allow you to copy say model 1 and make a model 2 so you don't have to create all the settings from scratch.


    Hope this helps.  Good luck with your new IRIS!

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