Hi all. I'm completely new to the autonomy scene so forgive my ignorance. I would like to make a quadcopter with contra rotating props on each axis on the quadcopter. Is it possible to control this using the ArduPilot Mega board? I am a software architect / developer by trade (mostly C# .NET, Objective C), so I'm not terribly intimidated by having to tweak some code. Would it be necessary to modify the ArduPilot Mega software to accomplish that? I know I am going to need some sort of h-bridge or ESC for the motors. Those will interface with the ArduPilot Mega board out of the box?


Also, I want to control this through a android tablet interface. How would I communicate with the drone... data network, ad-hoc wireless network?


I guess I'm looking for some general information on how the data flows from the transmitter to receiver and then eventually to the ESC / H-Bridge. And the end goal is to be able to carry some heavy A/V equipment (HD Cameras). I looked at the Draganfly system, but its way too pricey. I'm hoping to build something comparable and maybe even improve upon the interface by writing my own android app to control the UAV unit.

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  • you can send data to the copter via xbee

    you would need to do some minor changes and then control it through this connection

  • Best bet honestly is to get your hands dirty. Read through the wiki and order a APM and IMU. That worked best for me. If you're completely new to the RC scene, then start out with the cheap stuff (like the Turnigy 9X radio) and work your way up.
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