Control APM flight modes using a Spektrum DX6i

Hey guys,


I've recently bought a Tx Spektrum DX6i  and I would like to program it so I can switch from an APM flight modes to another.

 I've follow the process describe by Paul but it doesn't seem to work for me.

When I go to the mission planner software and I switch the button on my Tx, nothing happens. The flight mode remains the same in the interface.

If someone can help me to understand what I'm doing wrong it would be great :)

Thank you



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  • Here are the mix setting I'm using to get six modes out of my dx6i.



    This uses the Gear, Elev D/R, and Ail D/R switches. In that order, I get the following PWM values on the Gear channel ...

    0 = up, or away from you
    1= down, or towards you

    0 0 0 = 1080
    0 1 0 = 1241 or 0 0 1 = 1241
    0 1 1 = 1402
    1 1 1 = 1566
    1 1 0 = 1743 or 1 0 1 = 1743
    1 0 0 = 1920

    Make sure your "gear" channel on the receiver connects to channel 5 on the APM.

    • John, very useful, thank you!

      I too am using an Orange Rx and DX6i Tx

      I had been researching adding a variable resister to flaps or gear - not possible.
      What this solution does, is it gives the option of adding a rotary switch to the three toggle switches (3p6w or 1p6w and some electronics), thus one can have labelled positions, rather than convert switch positions to binary and then translate that number to the programmed mode (in the words of Electric 6, Danger! Danger!).

      I note that I needed to enter slightly different values to get six different values (I don't understand this as yet, just playing), and I may play further to try and get eight so that none are repeated.

      Also the weighting (order) on the switches could be changed to be more logical.

      This is what I have used (so far)

      Flaps Flap = norm 0, land +100

      Flaps Elev = norm 0, land 0

      Mix 1 =  -38, -42

      Mix 2 = -42, -65

      Thanks again :)

  • Hey guys,

    I've made some significant progress. I'm know able to move the Channel 5 using the left top buttons of my Tx.

    I've calibrated eveything and it looks fine.

    But, in the mission planner software, when I go to the flight mode menu my "Current PWM" parameters is indicated as 8.

    I bought the apm "ready to fly". So everything was already installed. And the Aux wires I can use (see picture) go to the Channel 5 and 6.

    So, do I need a supplementary wire or can I set the "Current PWM" to 5 or 6 somewhere ?

    Thanks for your help


    ------ Here are my current connections


  • Hey Guys,

    Now I better understand the process.

    But I'm still stuck at the same point. I don't know how to setup my DX6i so the channel 5 goes from 1100 -> 1800.

    Right now the value stays at 1500.

    I've follow the guidelines gave by Paul to setup my tx, then I've tried to calibrate the range using the Radio Calibration menu.

    But when I switch the buttons (gear, FMode | Elev D/R,| Flap, Gyro) the radio 5 stays at 1500.

    I've attached below a picture of the results given by the calibration process.


    Please, could someone help me to setup the DX6i to be able to have the good range in the radio 5 chanel ?

    I feel like a bit desperate. From all the Tx available, it looks like I've choose the one with almost no documentation :(

    Thanks for any help


  • Have you calibrated your radio to include all the channels + switches ? Make sure chanel 5 does the complete range from about 1100 -> 1800. If you look at the flight mode screen you will notice it gives the 6 ranges within a channel, you must the least cover that entire range etc.

  • I wonder if ANYLINK would work for this....check your local hobby shop they will carry this! And it is cheap..I have a DX6i and use anylink on a few models.....worth a shot..if it don't work return it...

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